The classic puzzle with unique "whimsy" pieces!

Introducing Pastime Puzzles

Our premium line of 300, 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles feature beautiful paintings from famous artists. All puzzles include 30, 50 or 100 special “whimsy” pieces (birds, animals, objects and symbols). All pieces are made from sturdy puzzleboard creating a wonderful feel and satisfying fit. No two puzzle pieces are the same and all border pieces interlock!


What are Whimsies? As if the phrase "jigsaw puzzle" wasn't fun enough, put simply, whimsies are puzzle pieces that are cut into specific recognizable shapes, like flowers or animals. Every one of our Pastime Puzzles includes special whimsy pieces. There are 100 whimsies in every 1000 piece puzzle and 50 whimsies in every 500 piece puzzle.


12 Days of Christmas is one of the many puzzles you'll find in our beautiful puzzle gallery. Each Pastime Puzzle features a lovely painting from a well-known artist covering a broad range of themes - sized to fit in standard picture frames. And every Pastime Puzzle includes those delightful whimsy pieces!